Rx (current version: 0.53; last updated 2001-02-28)

Rx is a backend for writing regex debuggers for Perl. It provides functions to do the following:

If you arranage that the callbacks will appropriately update a Tk window, you will have a graphical regex debugger. If the callbacks print out diagnostic information and prompt for a command before returning, you have a command-line regex debugger. These functions could be integrated into the standard Perl source debugger (perl -d) or into a standalone application.

Rx formed the basis for the regex debugger component of ActiveState's ASPN Komodo IDE. (Whether it still does, I can't say.) The Rx kit is released under the Artistic License courtesy of ActiveState.

Available Materials

Rx is not yet a complete, end-user application; it is a kit for building such applications. If you built a complete regex debugger application using Rx, please let me know so that I can mention it here.

What's New in 0.53

0.53 is the initial release

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