EZDBI.pm (current version: 0.06; last updated 2001-11-01)

EZDBI provides an easy, simple interface to SQL databases from Perl. Here's an example program written with EZDBI:


        use EZDBI 'mysql:test' => 'user', 'password';

        Insert 'into names values', 'Harry', 'Potter';

        if (Select q{* from names where first = 'Harry'} ) {
          print "Potter is IN THE HOUSE.\n";

        for (Select 'last from names') {
          next if $seen{$_}++;
          my @first = Select 'first from names where last = ?', $_;
          print "$_: @first\n";

        Delete q{from names where last='Potter'};

        if (Select q{* from names where last = 'Potter'} ) {
          die "Can't get rid of that damn Harry Potter!";


This is ALPHA software. There may be bugs. There probably are. The interface may change. It probably will. Do not use this for anything important.

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